Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why did i even bother?

  1. Wouldn't mind to try new concepts.
  2. It's nice to share thoughts.
  3. It fills the empty gaps in my day.
  4. Someone told me whom would threaten my life security if I say "no"

Yes, you guess right for the first time...feels good doesn't it? I did bother to write an actual blog! Its around 7pm and my window is gazing at the bottom of the sunset while I listen to a smooth Jazz master piece by Stan Gets...oh whats missing? a blog!

Belief is a very hard emotional state to master, believing in something is usually not an emotion that would come by and go, it has to be acquired, or for that matter earned. To be honest with all you who are reading this i personally disbelieve that anyone would read this. Ironic isn't it? Well, no its no.

On the other hand I'm already excited about all the WALLS OF TEXT that's going to build this "blog tower" of mine. After all this is going to be "the last blog on net".

Well your bored aren't you? no? OK, that better be the truth.

I'm not sure how many of you have figured the moral of this post but it was all about the lack of my believe in certain categories and that people have to read this and be the fuel for fire of this blog and keep it burning this darken path of infinite doom called "Internet" and the utter sinister world of "blogging", let this be the moment of truth, where this holy candle is enlighten and the sacred wisdom is revealed.

HA! you never thought I could write "deep" stuff? well...your wrong again...feels bad doesn't it? well get used to it since I'm usually (around 120% of the time) right and well, your, wrong. :D

*FYI I'm not cocky just better*

Well enough humour. In case you really didn't understand all the mojo i said before and couldn't find your way in the dictionary, it meant:

You read more , I will write more!

Simple as that.

Also this blog will always end with an quote by me (or anyone that i copy from) so your treat for today is:

"Between the sacred silence and sleep, there is disorder, disorder, and that's where you find me."


  1. lol :P naa, ure just too cocky :P anyway wen u write quotes, dont leave us guessin who wrote them :P

  2. lol ok next time i'll tell the writer of it...but promise to belvie it when i say i wrote it :D