Friday, August 28, 2009

Life and lies of the "title".

"The future is quite different to the present,
The one thing we have in common with the present is we still call it the present, even though it's the future,
What you call the present we call the past, so you guys are way behind"
-Said the robot from the future.

**Before I start (oh, i already started) I wanted to say that due to lack of being bothered, i am officially cutting a bit of grammar from my posts and feed it to the illiterate.**

Have you ever thought what that funny title meant?

"Time to...Waste Time!"

No you didnt, i know it....
Imagine time as a flow (oh god save us from Quantum physics!) or as something that is always there, like Air (Oxygen). You cant really get rid of it, unless your fed up of your miserable life and you stop breathing. Time is the same thing.

Now, its time to waste time. Think as if you exit the Earth's atmosphere, guess what! no more air! (Oxygen). Now the blog acts as the outer space. no air, no time. Its the time that you forget about time (wa??) and live in another world. Get out of this cage that we call it our world (Earth), and enter the infinite darkness! and to be honest i dont find darkness sinister, even though 120% of people do. Darkness is a world within worlds. Its like when you close your eyes. All of a sudden your imagination takes place and that world whiting the worlds appear.

Surprisingly the background of my blog is very much relative. Its the Matrix.
Mathematically, Matrix is two separate set of equations that have a connection between them.

(2 3 4) (1 4 2)

Above is a Matrix.
Two worlds with their "stuff" inside them, but we are able to cruise between both.
Like closing our eyes, or stop thinking for a second (NOTE: Its VERY hard to just stop thinking, tested by myself), or maybe reach the time, where you waste time. Where time isn't of the essence. When time isn't gold.

Or you can just travel around 1% faster than the speed of light and time wont pass at all (If normal time flow is 100%, at the mentioned speed, its slowed down to 1%)

So the next time you visit this old blog (all the visitor....yes visitor, not visitors) don't try to find something interesting in it.

Try to get drawn in it.

I said Life and lies, you already forgot?
Lies: The fact that I just found this link between everythingon my blog.

One of my talents is to tell stories, true or lie, that isn't the point. But if you put me 900 years back I would make the king so happy with his amazing,never repeated bed time stories. If your cruel enough which im sure you are, you'll call it "making stuff up".

I rather call it a talent.

The Humans are dead,
Yes they are dead,
The humans are dead,
Look at that one its dead,
We used poisonous gases,
I'll just check if his dead,
and we poisoned their asses,
Affirmative I just poked one it was dead.
it had to be done,
so we could have fun,
the humans are dead.-Said the robot from future with his dou singer, again...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Change of Gears!

We change gears, from 1 to 2! (assuming you have seen a car with manual transmission in your life).
I am going to write something different this time! since I haven't written anything in a long time (not that I have any reader other than you, you know your self!)
So a story for you because I know you like to read.

Five Seconds Before We Start The End.


The dry bitter air singed his nostrils as he breath deeply. Leaving a tart slimy taste on the back of his throat he just couldn't shake. Thankfully the random motion of being charge while in tight formation had stopped, the cries of men, and horse had not. His large full helmet played strange tricks with his vision. Shadows crept where there were none, and there was a slight trickle of blood dripping down one side on the inside of his helmet. The entire effect was to paint his vision of the world as a dark place where the sky bleed. Added to this nightmare vision were the sounds of horses screaming. Or attempting to scream. Eyes white, they spit and coughed huge globs of spittle and blood attempting find their way with wind through their crushed and ripped wind pipes, succeeding in simply causing a nauseating high pitched screech and fountains of lung mucus. The cries of men, were less. He wished he time to put both down.
Two laid dead, most of their bodies cut in half. Although body parts still twitch here and there. Strange thing human bodies. They never died cleanly. It seem to the very end, they tried to live. One was being trampled by his fellows even as he watched. Its cries closed off as heavy hooves crush the remaining life out of his blasted and twisted body. The other he could not see as his unit perform perfect military precision and filled in ranks. The smell of human excretion was the other taste on the back of his throat.
From the downed men, or from the living he could not tell.


He clamped his spurs deeply into his horses side. Normally he would never do this, however this was not normal times. He could feel the loyal steeds blood soak the heel of his leather boot through the metal plates covering most of his feet. The loyal beast was now more interested in the pain coming from its back, then from the huge creature in front of it. He let this bring his eyes in focus. Gripping his fine sword, with its worn yet solid and strong wyvern hide covered handled reassure him. A sword in his hand, enemy to his front, that is all he had ever asked for.
"Lord we have lost two nobles, and 2 men" said the man on his right.
He said nothing. Simply letting his gaze take in the breath of hell that was raising itself approximately ten strides in front of him. As he looked as this creature he nearly started laughing. So many people these days always professed believe in one true god and his most holy prophet who ascended to heaven to sit by his side. However the same people were less sure, when asked about the existence of Evil. Well they should be here with him - now. Their faith in the whole Unseen would be re strengthen. Immediately
As the thing pick itself, he notice that's its legs were not as muscled as he had always thought. They were more bony then muscled. Large joints, and sharp bones, not claws like a lesser beast protruded from the scaly reddish thin flaky skin The huge wings of this thing were finishing unwrapping themselves. The wings were more than twice as wide as this thing was tall. As it flexed its' wings it blocked out a large part of the sky. He realized that charging out of the sky like that into his harden knights couldn't have been nice. He also, noticed were the thing had wounds from the magical arrows that had struck home. Its large bony chest raised twice the height of a man sitting on a large war horse. Its arm stretched outward as if asking if god to forgive it for existing. Fat chance. Then it screamed. A sort of half barking, half long mournful wolfish howl. Screaming, every natural living thing could tell that something was here that did not belong.
He realized that none of his men, his friends, would leave the field this day. Alive.


"Men, that is glory." He began, pointing with his sword. "The one true god has given us the most precious gift a soul can have. He has given us the chance to earn his praise. If this thing passes it will eat your children, and rape your wife. Maybe the other way around. It will not pass. It is destruction and evil. It can bleed. It can die. And it will die. Today."
Giving a signal that had existed since time eternal. He raised his sword, swung it around twice in a circle, slamming his spurs home releasing his reins, holding with his knees, raised up on his steed. pointed his horse and sword directly at the dog beast in front of it, and screamed the only thing men in his situation should.


Im really sorry that you dont like fantasy stories but live with it!
Thats what im passionate about.

Oh and a quote:
War bring peace, Slavery brings freedom, so we need both to have a god world" -anonymous

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ameliorate! She doesnt need sight to kill!

I was going through all of my concepts and
"illustrations" today and between all those pictures (about 6403!), a single one deep within the yellow jungle of folders; in the bottom of my page i saw a picture that stole my attention. I just rested my breath and looked upon it and felt an improvement in myself. I felt that I've changed, grown.
If your IQ is more than 150 I'm sure by now you would have guessed that its the picture on left. Yes that old "amature" picture of a boy. To be honest the sketch of that piece isnt even mine and belogs to the Mr.F (people are caleld with their first letter here, its a blog rule and they do know who they are).
On the other hand I saw the picture that i was supposed to send it to the Blizzard Gaming company for their latest competition with the subject "spectacular killer" and i called my picture on right "She doesnt need sight to kill". While I had these two pictures open I felt a breeze on my face (the air conditioner was turned on) and just proved myself how pratice actually works.
This posts wasnt about how I'v personally improved, it was a beacon to you people who just search for an easy way for anything or just dont belive in hard work.
This post is pretty short but I might gather my guts and posts another one today.
the qoute below isnt just a normal qoute, you really need his brain to elaborate it, to consume it, to belive in it and to experience it.
"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity." -Albert Einstein

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why did i even bother?

  1. Wouldn't mind to try new concepts.
  2. It's nice to share thoughts.
  3. It fills the empty gaps in my day.
  4. Someone told me whom would threaten my life security if I say "no"

Yes, you guess right for the first time...feels good doesn't it? I did bother to write an actual blog! Its around 7pm and my window is gazing at the bottom of the sunset while I listen to a smooth Jazz master piece by Stan Gets...oh whats missing? a blog!

Belief is a very hard emotional state to master, believing in something is usually not an emotion that would come by and go, it has to be acquired, or for that matter earned. To be honest with all you who are reading this i personally disbelieve that anyone would read this. Ironic isn't it? Well, no its no.

On the other hand I'm already excited about all the WALLS OF TEXT that's going to build this "blog tower" of mine. After all this is going to be "the last blog on net".

Well your bored aren't you? no? OK, that better be the truth.

I'm not sure how many of you have figured the moral of this post but it was all about the lack of my believe in certain categories and that people have to read this and be the fuel for fire of this blog and keep it burning this darken path of infinite doom called "Internet" and the utter sinister world of "blogging", let this be the moment of truth, where this holy candle is enlighten and the sacred wisdom is revealed.

HA! you never thought I could write "deep" stuff? well...your wrong again...feels bad doesn't it? well get used to it since I'm usually (around 120% of the time) right and well, your, wrong. :D

*FYI I'm not cocky just better*

Well enough humour. In case you really didn't understand all the mojo i said before and couldn't find your way in the dictionary, it meant:

You read more , I will write more!

Simple as that.

Also this blog will always end with an quote by me (or anyone that i copy from) so your treat for today is:

"Between the sacred silence and sleep, there is disorder, disorder, and that's where you find me."