Friday, August 28, 2009

Life and lies of the "title".

"The future is quite different to the present,
The one thing we have in common with the present is we still call it the present, even though it's the future,
What you call the present we call the past, so you guys are way behind"
-Said the robot from the future.

**Before I start (oh, i already started) I wanted to say that due to lack of being bothered, i am officially cutting a bit of grammar from my posts and feed it to the illiterate.**

Have you ever thought what that funny title meant?

"Time to...Waste Time!"

No you didnt, i know it....
Imagine time as a flow (oh god save us from Quantum physics!) or as something that is always there, like Air (Oxygen). You cant really get rid of it, unless your fed up of your miserable life and you stop breathing. Time is the same thing.

Now, its time to waste time. Think as if you exit the Earth's atmosphere, guess what! no more air! (Oxygen). Now the blog acts as the outer space. no air, no time. Its the time that you forget about time (wa??) and live in another world. Get out of this cage that we call it our world (Earth), and enter the infinite darkness! and to be honest i dont find darkness sinister, even though 120% of people do. Darkness is a world within worlds. Its like when you close your eyes. All of a sudden your imagination takes place and that world whiting the worlds appear.

Surprisingly the background of my blog is very much relative. Its the Matrix.
Mathematically, Matrix is two separate set of equations that have a connection between them.

(2 3 4) (1 4 2)

Above is a Matrix.
Two worlds with their "stuff" inside them, but we are able to cruise between both.
Like closing our eyes, or stop thinking for a second (NOTE: Its VERY hard to just stop thinking, tested by myself), or maybe reach the time, where you waste time. Where time isn't of the essence. When time isn't gold.

Or you can just travel around 1% faster than the speed of light and time wont pass at all (If normal time flow is 100%, at the mentioned speed, its slowed down to 1%)

So the next time you visit this old blog (all the visitor....yes visitor, not visitors) don't try to find something interesting in it.

Try to get drawn in it.

I said Life and lies, you already forgot?
Lies: The fact that I just found this link between everythingon my blog.

One of my talents is to tell stories, true or lie, that isn't the point. But if you put me 900 years back I would make the king so happy with his amazing,never repeated bed time stories. If your cruel enough which im sure you are, you'll call it "making stuff up".

I rather call it a talent.

The Humans are dead,
Yes they are dead,
The humans are dead,
Look at that one its dead,
We used poisonous gases,
I'll just check if his dead,
and we poisoned their asses,
Affirmative I just poked one it was dead.
it had to be done,
so we could have fun,
the humans are dead.-Said the robot from future with his dou singer, again...

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